Sunday, August 22, 2010

Webcomics You Should Read

Because the only thing better than borrowing a graphic novel for free from the library, is reading it for free online instantly and not having to pay late fees when you inevitably forget to return it.

No? Just me?

Anyho, here's a list of things that should suck up your time and brain:

Girl Genius: A massive series that combines my favorite things (steampunk, awesomeness, good illustrations, evil scientists) into one really fantastic story. Updated on a MWF schedule, in full color and style.

Warning: reading this entire series was what I did instead of studying for my Managerial Accounting final in junior year of college. Highly addictive.

Lackadaisy: Anthropomorphic cats fight in the time of prohibition to keep their St. Louis speakeasy in business and their lives together.

...Dude. There are anthropomorphic, bootlegging cats. Why the hell have you not clicked on that link already? Get with the program.

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary: Erika Moen's autobiographical web comic. Features fart jokes, sex jokes, poop jokes, burping, zits, butt sex,

Eat Your Lipstick: Work by Monica Gallager. Who's so awesome you can't even fathom. I've bought her comics off Etsy so I could frame them. Bonnie 'N Collide (a roller-derby girl in the cubicle world) and Gods and Undergrads (a chosen-one girl who's all of a sudden got Greek gods hanging out in her dorm).

Beautiful drawing style, fun stories, great stuff.

Bite Me!: Vampires, serving wenches, and the French Revolution. If you're not careful you'll learn something, but mainly you'll like the art and the dreamy, quintessentially broad-chested heroes.

XKCD: For nerds, by nerds. Features stick figures, jokes about movies you remember from the 80s, and an awesome world view.

The Princess: Written like a newspaper strip, Seth's journey of  getting the world to see him as Princess Sarah is the cutest thing on the planet. And it's big and queer. Embrace it!

For good recommendations by a woman who has a buttload more time and experience with this stuff than I do, you should check out Storming the Castle. She's awesome. Much love.

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