Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plans for the Spring of 2010

C2E2. A six day vacation from all responsibility, common sense, proper eating and bathing habits, and polite conversation skills.

A vacation where I get to run around and glomp on people in socially inappropriate and yet somehow still accepted situations. Hand cute comics out to kids, wander the show floor and boss thousands of people around while perpetuating the myth that I somehow know more about what's going on than they do.

Fools. Bwah ha.

Plans for the Summer of 2010

Yes, I am making them already. This winter bullshit is just a trend, I tell you. A passing flight of fancy on the part of these young people. It'll blow over!

1) Beaches
The place with sand and Coronas, not the movie with Midler. There will be a visit this summer to several beaches, including one where I can choose not to wear a top. Because that's how my clothing optional summer should be, damn it.

2) Shakespeare in the Park
With the Lesbian Posse. We're gonna culture this bad boy up.

3) Swimming
In the itsy bitsy teenie weenie hot pink string bikini I bought and wore to lie around and look sexy in.

4) Big Damn Trip
Possibly rescheduled to instead of being a European Extravaganza, a Big Gay Retreat Where We Can Learn How to Make Candles And Have Communal Showers. I will bring several razors, and avoid patchouli oil, promise.

5) Summer Evenings in the Park
Because this seems like a good plan.

6) A General Lack of Responsibility
Once my degree is finalized, and I never have to learn anything ever again ever, there are going to be picnics and late nights of drinking and possibly setting fire to something!