Sunday, November 7, 2010


Don't stress, you're being redirected as we speak!


The best part about working in a library with an established YA Librarian is the booty. And by booty I mean swag. And by swag I mean Adanced Readers Copies provided for free by publishing houses.

Free books. It's like getting the Beast's library without having to deal with the claw marks/fanged hickeys. 

So. Since I get to read these before anyone else, I think it's only fair that I get to judge them before anyone else. Obviously. And because the idea of ranking things with stars is cliche, we will be using the Harry Potter System of Rankings, which goes like this:
  • Muggle: The author has no idea where their plot went, what their characters are doing, and doesn't seem to be self-aware enough to care. 
  • Squib: The author tries-- seems to have some concept of an idea, but just doesn't manage to get it off the ground in the early planning stages, making the book a confusing and dull thing.
  • Ron: The story has a few cool characters, some decent beginnings of a plot line, and could be cool. However, the author fails to seal the deal and you're left going "Uggh, what a Ron," and enjoying more of what you think the author could have done with it than enjoying the actual book.  
  • Harry: A good book. Interesting story, a few twists and turns, and a nice feeling of satisfaction after you finish. You maybe don't read it again, but you liked it and would recommend it to a friend.
  • Hermione: Not only beautiful done but just damned beautiful and fantastic and a lot of other awesome praise for plot, characters and diction. A story that makes you understand why you read books.
Steel by Carrie Vaughn ranks a solid Ron
Readalikes: Piratica by Tanith Lee

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Professional Development: I Has It

Because all of a sudden, like more or less overnight, I have developed into a Professional! With a capital P and everything! I have discussions with people about how to advance my skills and grow as a person in my chosen field of interest and make myself more interesting as a resume-attached-face!

I know, I know, I'm surprised/confused/jealous/craving-Mexican-food too. So young. So young.

Yesterday-- get this-- I got to teach a class! That's like having 11 padawans at once! And not just a class, but TWO classes! Back to back! About Internet privacy and about how everything they put online stays forever and will totally impact their future job/life/spousal prospects!

Because the internet isn't written in pencil Mark, it's written in ink.

And then because, I dunno, putting me in charge of impressionable minds for 2 hours wasn't enough of a sign of the world ending,  I get to do it again next week! Four more times! That's right, four! As in one more than the number three and two less than the # of cups of coffee I've had today!


You should be using exclamation points right now, in the real world. Why aren't you using more exclamations points right now?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Way I Know I'm Not an Adult Yet #23

Man on Subway about my Scarf: "That's too long."

Me: "..."

Internal Me:
  1. That's what she said!
  2. Imma get in my TARDIS and whoop your ass, buddy.
  3. You're obviously a bad guy. 
  4. I'll have you know that this is an authentic recreation and it has been measured to be perfectly accurate, jerk-face. 
  5. You're obviously a trekkie. Schmuck.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Webcomics You Should Read

Because the only thing better than borrowing a graphic novel for free from the library, is reading it for free online instantly and not having to pay late fees when you inevitably forget to return it.

No? Just me?

Anyho, here's a list of things that should suck up your time and brain:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book I Really Wish I Liked: Heist Society

Next in the list of KAH-books, "Heist Society." A story of art-thievery, teenager rebellion, and Nazis (I love it when there's Nazis!)

And sadly, of all of the books I've read so far, this is the one I was most psyched for. So therefore it was the one that had to not be that good.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantabulous Pictures of My Beautiful Library!

And by my beautiful library I mean Karyn's beautiful library that I happen to live and frolic in. Like the Care Bear Cousins hanging out in the Care Bear's forest. Or a friendly neighborhood bridge troll. Whatevs.

Cathedral-esque, without the guilt
YA books abounds
Anyhow, as I have spent the last month and a half, so must you now bask in the glory of its cathedral like windows, extensive YA collection.
Look at all those shelves! Full of
books I am going to read!

There's a Batphone. It's ext # 316.
And see this? This is my lair. I share it with the head of technology, who's awesome. It gets natural light, has plenty of room for rolling around, and has four walls around it, with a door that locks.

I can leave and lock things up securely at night. I can scratch awkwardly placed mosquito bites without worrying about who's watching. If girls did such a thing, I could theoretically pass gas! In my own space!

Shut up. After cubicle land this is a big friggin' deal.