Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantabulous Pictures of My Beautiful Library!

And by my beautiful library I mean Karyn's beautiful library that I happen to live and frolic in. Like the Care Bear Cousins hanging out in the Care Bear's forest. Or a friendly neighborhood bridge troll. Whatevs.

Cathedral-esque, without the guilt
YA books abounds
Anyhow, as I have spent the last month and a half, so must you now bask in the glory of its cathedral like windows, extensive YA collection.
Look at all those shelves! Full of
books I am going to read!

There's a Batphone. It's ext # 316.
And see this? This is my lair. I share it with the head of technology, who's awesome. It gets natural light, has plenty of room for rolling around, and has four walls around it, with a door that locks.

I can leave and lock things up securely at night. I can scratch awkwardly placed mosquito bites without worrying about who's watching. If girls did such a thing, I could theoretically pass gas! In my own space!

Shut up. After cubicle land this is a big friggin' deal.

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